Stromb Snail

Stromb Snail

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Stromb Snail

Strombus Sp.

With their typical "seashell" like shell the Stromb Snail is excellent at cleaning your sand substrate. If you're looking for a snail with a personality then look no further!

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There are different varieties of Stromb Snails but they all posses the iconic conch shaped shell that beach goers will pick up and press against their ear to listen to the ocean. They have beady stemmed eyes which seem to watch your every move. They also have an impressive trunk like mouth which they use to suck up algae, bacteria and anything else they can find coating the sand.

They are extremely active creatures and will entertain you by moving around the tank all day in search of food. They have an extremely powerful foot which can be used to defend itself by hopping away at quite a speed as well as tipping itself back over if needed.

These types of snails are found all over the Indo-Pacific region and sadly are prized not only for food but also their shells. Luckily they are extremely easy to breed in captivity. Unlike most species of snails the females differentiate from the males. If tipped on their sides an egg groove can be noticed on the female when she tries to right herself. Similarly a verge can be observed on the males.

Tank Recommendations for the Stromb Snail

The smallest tank size for 1 snail is 90 litres and if the tank is already well established with lots of algae existing in the substrate then even better. Provide more space and watch your snail grow even larger. They need a silt or sand substrate which is deep enough for them to bury themselves completely and disappear. They are suitable for all types of marine aquariums including reef environments.

Suitable Tank Buddies

Stromb snails can be kept with pretty much any other type of creature and will not show signs of aggression. If keeping with another male stromb snail they can sometimes fight, but it is simply pushing around and not really harming anyone.

Usually Compatible

Tangs, Scorpionfish, Damselfish and Dragonets will leave them well alone. Cardinals and Clownfish will not even notice the presence of the snails either. These snails can also be kept with other Stromb Snails as long as tank capacity is considered. As mentioned, they will not bother coral or other invertebrates.

Sometime Compatible

Even with the ability to right itself when knocked over, care must still be taken when keeping the snails with Lionfish, Rays and Snapper. Frogfish, Angelfish and crustaceans should also be housed with caution as they could use the opening in the shell to try and eat the snail. Seahorses and Pipefish are peaceful, but the snail may not care too much and trample all over their feeding areas.

Rarely Compatible

There are a few species of fish that will hunt the Stromb Snail including Parrotfish, Triggerfish, Sharks and Pufferfish. Hogfish, Wrasses and Eels should be avoided too.

Feeding Your Stromb Snail

This species of snail is an omnivore, but in the tank its diet should consist of algae, detritus and bacteria that exists already in the substrate. They have a tooth like tongue which will even scrape algae from the surfaces in your aquarium. They do need a large amount of food so if there is insufficient algae growth then it is possible to supplement their diet with herbivore pellets and dried seaweed. Stromb snails will also consume anything left over from feeding other tank buddies.

More Information
Scientific Name Strombus Sp.
Care Level Easy
Venomous No
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