Frequently Asked Questions (updated 10/06/2019)


Q. I ordered a package with Free Shipping, but have still been charged a Shipping Fee, why?

A. We do have some package deals that have freight costs included, this is for the package only. If you add extra items to the order you will be charged the Shipping fee.

Reason for this is we are charged by the couriers on Size and weight per box we send, so these packages are done up as an easy option for customers who just want that item. With the price fixed to the weight and size of that box order, anything extra added to this will result in a heavier / larger or even second box being needed. So extra shipping charge applies will apply.

We do our best to keep shipping costs down for our customers.


Q. I just placed an order, when can I expect it to arrive?

A. All orders where Payments have cleared have the status of "processing" meaning we have received your order and payment.

Cut off for the weeks orders is Sunday 6pm.

Once a order has been passed to Dispatch team the order status will change to 'Awaiting Dispatch'. They are then sent out the following  Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and the order status will say 'Complete'

 Delivery is usually 24 -48 hrs from us sending the order.

You will be notified via Email when your order is shipped so you can track the delivery progress.


Q. Can I pay via Direct deposit?

A. Yes you can but a few things to keep in mind.

If you have paid via direct deposit, this can take up to 3 working days to clear in our account after you have deposited the money into our account.

You can deposit the money into our account via Bank app on your phone, online banking or by going into your local Branch. Our bank details will be provided in your email order confirmation if you have chosen to pay via Direct deposit.

Keep in mind if you order on a Sunday and pay direct deposit, it can result in your order being shipped the following week as payment won’t clear that same day. As all direct deposit payments are cleared once a week on a Sunday evening so these orders are shipped the following Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday from when the payment has cleared.


Q. How do I unpack my fish?

A. There are many ways to safely unpack and release your fish. We have made a few suggestions on our “Unpacking Page” Click on the link to find out more.


Q. When will my tracking email be sent to me?

A. An email with shipping details will come through by 9pm on the day the order is sent, you can track the delivery progress using the tracking number which will be provided.


Q. I don't live in a capital city, can your still send to me?

A. We can deliver to almost anywhere across Australia, with delivery to your door to most areas. We use couriers like Toll, Star Track and Australia post for some heavier dry goods. Delivery is 24-48 hours from us sending out the order.


Q. Can we have Shrimp sent to WA?

A. Unfortunately we are no longer able to send you any Shrimp or Crayfish if you live in W.A



Q. I live in Tasmania what can I have sent to me?

A. Due to TAS quarantine restrictions, LiveFish can only send You dry goods and Marine fish without a permit. We are unable to send any Freshwater fish, Invertebrates and Aquatic plants. You can ask about a permit through Tasmanian fisheries, but we have been told you can only apply for this if you are a Petshop/ Aquarium owner.


Q. I live in Northern Territory what can I have sent to me?

A. Due to NT quarantine restriction, you will need a permit to bring in the fish and plants you have ordered. The permit is free, Click here for all the information you need. Or you can contact fisheries on this number as well-  (08) 89992183

Once this is approved let us know, so we can let the dispatch team know to send your order on the next available shipping day.


Q. Can I choose the sex of the fish, or colour etc..?

A. At the moment we cannot accept this type of request, Fish come to us un sexed, and are shipped out at random, your best chance is to order a group of fish.


Q.I think the fish you sent are the wrong, they don’t look like the photos off the site, what do I do?

A. Firstly its best to wait a few days as fish will arrive stressed from transit and lose their colour. Also, the images on the website are examples only, usually of an adult male. This is to show you what the fish will most likely look like. We ship juvenile fish which could be male or female. The fish usually develop their colours very quickly. If you still feel you were sent the wrong fish simply take a photo and send it into us at and we can compensate you with some store credit.


Q. I think the fish you sent are the wrong size, what do I do?

A. Sizes on the website are an estimate, so give it 1cm grace. Fish are measured from the tip of the nose to tip of the tail tip. If you believe you have been sent the wrong size, simply take a photo of the fish lying against a ruler, and send it to us via the claim form QR code which is included in the box, or email it to us at and we can compensate you with some store credit.


Q. I used a store credit (coupon) to pay for all of my order, but my status is "pending" why?

A. Just the way the website categorises these situations, if this happens, contact us and we will update your status and ensure it is sent asap. 


Q. Items that were on your website are not showing now, do you still stock them?

A. Yes generally we do still stock them, items which are out of stock, no longer show on our website.

A lot of fish are seasonal so can be out of stock for a few months at a time, so in efforts to keep an easy shopping experience for our customers, if something is out of stock it won't show, but it will re-appear when it comes back in stock


Q. Can the courier give me a call when he is about to deliver the package?

A. No, we have no control of the couriers service, and no couriers service will be able to do this, yes it would be great, but sorry couriers will not contact you when they are about to drop off the package.


Q. My box arrived with a little white bag in it, what is it?

A. That is a heat pack we use in colder months, it is a disposable item, and is not reusable, simply throw it out.