Permit details for NT customers



Due to NT Fisheries restrictions, all customers ordering any Aquatic life need to have approval from fisheries before we are able to send your order.

The Permit is free, it is a fairly simple and easy process, please see details below.


You will need this permit if you intend to import live, exotic, non-indigenous fish or aquatic life into the Northern Territory.

This permit is usually attached to an Aquaculture, Aquarium Fishing / Display and Aquarium Trader licence but individuals intending to order and bring in any exotic, non-indigenous fish into the NT must also obtain this permit.


 - Download the application form - Permit Form

 - See attached example of how to fill in the permit - Permit Form Example

 - Follow the link to see all Aquatic plants which do not require a permit - Aquatic plants that do not require a permit

 - Follow the link to see all Freshwater fish that we know can be sent to NT with permit approval - Approved Freshwater Fish  

 - Send your filled out application form to -

 - Once this has been approved, contact us via email with your order number and attached a copy of the permit -

 - We will clear the order for shipping with the dispatch team and the order will be shipped on the next available shipping day.


Please note - You can place the order before or after your permit has been approved. If placed before permit has been approved the order will not be processed for shipping until approval comes through. If you order beforehand and some items are not allowed, we can swap those items for something else that is allowed or cancel those from the order for refund or store credit.


Please use these contact details below for help or more information regarding the permit,

Senior Licensing Officer
Fisheries Division

Operating address:
 33 Vaughan Street
Berrimah, Northern Territory 0828

Phone: 08 8999 2370



You can follow the link to the fisheries translocation page for the above information plus more - Fisheries contact and permit information

You can also contact us via email -