Goyder River Banded Rainbow

Goyder River Rainbow 5cm

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Silver Mono Argent Brackish 4cm


Barramundi 5cm

Goyder River Rainbow 5cm

Melanotaenia Trifasciata - Banded Rainbow

Goyder River Rainbowfish - Melanotaenia Trifasciata

Also known as the Banded Rainbowfish and Regal Rainbowfish among others. A very hardy species and one of the best most striking looking Rainbowfish. A easy fish for a beginner to an expert aquarist.

Grow to a maximum size of 15 cm, but are usually less than 12 cm, with a body depth of 6-8 cm

Will happily feed on good pellet food.

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The Goyder Rainbowfish with it's bright Red Fins Blue Stripe down the middle and many other colours banded through it. This fish is the very definition of "Rainbow Fish" some call it the most majestic of all the Rainbowfish.

Also known as the Banded Rainbowfish, Three-Striped Sunfish or Regal Rainbowfish

In your aquarium they will happily feed on a good nutritional dry food pellet.

A very hardy species for beginners to the most knowledgeable aquarist.

A very busy and active fish is sure to keep your aquarium alive, and look fantastic!

Melanotaenia Trifasciata have a discontinuous distribution across northern Australia, from the Mary River in the Northern Territory, throughout Arnhem Land, around the Gulf of Carpentaria to Cape York Peninsula.

They can be recognised by a very deep body, usually deeper than 1/3 of their body length, and an often a discontinuous black mid-lateral band. Males are more brightly coloured, larger, and much deeper bodied than females.

They have a considerable range of growth rates, colour variations, depending on conditions such as food, space, numbers, competition and water temperature. 

In high temperatures they generally will grow faster, mature younger, and have a shorter life span than fish in temperate waters. They can reach a maximum size of 15 cm, but are usually less than 12 cm, with a body depth of 6-8 cm.

They are sexually dimorphic, also very tolerant to a wide range of water conditions.

Males are deeper bodied than females and the overall colour pattern of males is more intense. The vertical fins of females are either translucent or only faintly coloured compared to the brighter colours of males. These features become more obvious with increased growth and maturing age of the fish. They are relatively fast growing, reaching sexual maturity before the end of their first year in the Aquarium as most fish supplied for the trade are now 'Captively Bred' so do better in the home aquarium/ pond environment.

The Goyder’s are Omnivores that in the wild will feed opportunistically and on a wide range of insects, algae, certain plant vegetation and terrestrial insects such as green ants, microcrustaceans and Zooplankton.

Interesting fact - Wally Muller, a well-known aquarium dealer in those days obtained a few during his visit to the Northern Territory to collect aquarium specimens. He obtained permits from the Fisheries and Wildlife Department; he was able to bring back some fine specimens to Brisbane where he had his retail business. When first introduced to the aquarium hobby in Brisbane, the Goyder River rainbowfish created quite a deal of excitement. At a public aquarium exhibition, where they made their first public appearance, the cover glass was glued to the aquarium proper so that no one would be able to steal them

More Information
Scientific Name Melanotaenia Trifasciata - Banded Rainbow
Care Level Easy
Common Names Banded Rainbowfish, Three-Striped Sunfish, Regal Rainbowfish
Diet Omnivore
Fish Family Melanotaeniidae
Lifespan (years) 4
Max. Length (cm) 12
Min. Tank Volume (l) 100
Origin Australia and New Guinea
Sociability Peaceful
Venomous No
Water Conditions pH - 6.5 – 8.5, Temp - 18 - 32 degrees Celsius, dGH - 8 - 25
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