Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish

Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish - Medium

Clownfish Orange & White SML

Clownfish Orange & White SML

2x Black & White Clownfish 3.5cm

2x Black & White Clownfish 3.5cm

Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish - Medium

Premnas Epigramma

The Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish are very popular marine aquarium fish because they are highly regarded as being easy to keep.

Similar but different in colouring to everyone's favourite character from 'Finding Nemo'. These fish have been known to be territorial so it's best to keep them as a pair.

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The Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish are a deep maroon colour with thick distinctive yellow stripes on them. This particular type of clownfish is actually quite a recent discovery as they appear very similar to the Maroon Clownfish (Premnas biaculeatus). The distinctive gold/yellow bands will develop after being paired up in an established tank.

These fish don't actually need an anemone to survive but if one is provided the clownfish will live inside it. They are not fussy about which type of anemone to make their home.

Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish have been known to breed in captivity. It's interesting that when the female dies or is removed from the tank the largest male will transform into a female and the most dominant younger male will develop into the female.

These exotic fish are found around the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.

Tank Recommendations for Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish

The minimum tank size for these fish is 1200 litres.

To make the most out of your clownfish experience a bubble tip anemone should be added, these guys love to hide inside and dart out when required. However, they will reside anywhere in the tank.

If paired off for breeding and less aggression then a suitable flat surface such as a rock should be added to provide an area to lay eggs.

Suitable Tank Buddies

They may be aggressive to other clownfish in the tank and will often bully smaller fish. If an anemone is included in the tank they will defend it very vigorously. They are better kept with bolder fish rather than smaller peaceful ones.

Usually Compatible

These Clownfish will get along with Cardinals, Blennies, Butterflyfish and Bat Fsh amazingly. Also as mentioned before an anemone.

Sometimes Compatible

Caution should be taken when adding other Clownfish as they can be volatile towards each other and fight. Clownfish also quite like to bully Pufferfish and seahorses so when combining these species take care.

Rarely Compatible

Scorpionfish, Sharks and Snappers are a big no-no and are likely to hunt and eat your Clownfish. Other bigger predators such as Groupers and Eels should also be avoided at all costs.

Feeding Your Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish

These fish are well known to be extremely good eaters. In the wild, they feed on zooplankton and algae. In your tank provide them with a good variety of flakes and frozen marine preparations. Keep an eye out to watch them feeding the anemone, it's very cool. Every once in a while try them with live food.

More Information
Scientific Name Premnas Epigramma
Care Level Moderate
Common Names The Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish is also known as the Sumatran Clownfish and Goldstripe Maroon Anemone Fish.
Diet Omnivore
Fish Family Pomacentridae
Lifespan (years) 6
Max. Length (cm) 18
Min. Tank Volume (l) 1200
Origin Sumatra, Indonesia
Reef Safe Yes
Sociability Semi-aggressive
Venomous No
Water Conditions 25-28° C (75-82° F), dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.020-1.025
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