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Zebra Lionfish - Medium

Dendrochirus Zebra

The striking colouration of the Zebra Lionfish doesn't only serve as a warning to potential predators, it will fascinate you day in and day out.

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Zebra Lion Fish

The Zebra Lion Fish has black, orange, and white vertical stripes running along its body. It also has huge pectoral fins which it fans out on each side while laying on the sand. It also has a multitude of spines that are extremely venomous.

It is possible to breed this species in captivity, but it isn't easy and not advised for the novice aquarist. Seek help from an expert when attempting to spawn and reproduce.

The Zebra Lion Fish isn't a very active swimmer and moves fairly slowly. This combined with its small size makes it a great choice for Lionfish first-timers. It even made an appearance in the Animal Crossing game franchise and has been known to become quite tame in captivity to the point of actually recognizing its owners.

In the wild, they prefer a solitary life but have been observed hunting in groups of 2 or more.

These fish originate from all over the Indo-Pacific area from the Red Sea to Australia and also including Japan. It is found at depths of up to 80 meters dwelling on the bottom of coral reef flats and lagoons.

Tank Recommendations for Zebra Lion Fish

The smallest tank size for these lionfish is 150 liters and you should be careful to avoid having a tank environment that is too brightly lit. They will more than likely suffer stress when extremely strong lighting is present. Try to mimic its natural environment as much as possible by providing some cave-like structures along with rocky overhangs and outcrops. It is best suited to a fish-only tank but can be kept in a reef setting with caution.

Suitable Tank Buddies

They are best kept with other more aggressive species of fish because the shy docile ones will have a hard time with it. Be aware that they will try to eat almost anything that is small enough to fit inside their mouth. So take care when selecting tank buddies, even other Lionfish.

Usually Compatible

Big Groupers, Pufferfish, Snappers, and Angelfish would make great choices as tank mates as long as they are bigger in size than the Lionfish. Take care that your Lionfish doesn't outgrow them. Live coral, cucumbers, and starfish will be left alone and other Lionfish will be fine too, as long as there is enough space for them in the tank.

Sometime Compatible

Appropriately sized Rays and Sharks can be kept together but be aware they can sometimes prey on the Lionfish regardless of its spines. Invertebrates and crustaceans will be preyed upon if they are small enough, so choose them carefully if attempting to house this type of Lionfish.

Rarely Compatible

All small species of fish both slow-moving and fast ones will be prey so don't add anything like Seahorses and Damsels, etc. Frogfish will definitely hunt them so avoid them at all costs too.

Feeding Your Zebra Lion Fish

These fish are carnivores and in the wild will survive on a diet on crustaceans and small fish. Try to provide a wide variety of meaty sources such as mysis and brine shrimp as well as small crabs and invertebrates. Position the food as close as possible to the fish as they don't like to move around looking for it. Eventually, with patience, it will learn to accept frozen meat and other carnivore preparations. Keep going with the live food as long as necessary.

More Information
Scientific Name Dendrochirus Zebra
Care Level Moderate
Common Names The Zebra Lion Fish is also known as the Zebra Turkey Fish.
Diet Carnivore
Fish Family Scorpaenidae
Lifespan (years) 12
Max. Length (cm) 26
Min. Tank Volume (l) 150
Origin Indo-Pacific
Reef Safe With Caution
Sociability Peaceful
Venomous Yes
Water Conditions 23-28° C, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.020-1.025
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