API Weekend Pyramid Fish Feeder 4  X 3 Day

Weekend Pyramid Fish Feeder

API Vacation Pyramid Fish Feeder - Up to 14 Days

Vacation Pyramid Fish Feeder

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JBL Auto-Food Feeder

Weekend Pyramid Fish Feeder

API - 4 x 3 Day

API® WEEKEND PYRAMID FISH FEEDER is the perfect feeding solution for your fish when you’re away from home for a few days. These pyramid-shaped feeder blocks contain nutritious, slow-release pellets which act as uniformly balanced meals for your fish during your absence. Suitable for all Freshwater Tropical, Coldwater and Marine fish.

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Those times when you just want to get away for the weekend, but what about the fish? Here is a product for you, A pyramid-shaped, feeder block, perfect for those times your away for the weekend. This contains nutritious slow-release pellets, ideal for the fish. Each pellet is a balanced meal, so you know the fish are being well fed while your away. One pyramid will feed 15 to 20 average-sized fish in a 30 litre aquarium for a maximum of 3 days. Suitable for all Freshwater Tropical, Coldwater and Marine fish. For best results, it is ideal to place the pyramid away from the filter outlet Do not use in a fish bowl or a non-filtered or non-aerated aquariums or ponds. Remove any residual food when you return from hoildays to ensure no over feeding.

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Scientific Name API - 4 x 3 Day
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