Veiltail Tuxedo Angel Fish

Veiltail Tuxedo Angel Fish 4cm

Assorted Veiltail Angel Fish

Assorted Veiltail Angelfish 6cm

Gold Marble Angel Fish

Gold Marble Angel Fish 4.5cm

Veiltail Tuxedo Angel Fish 4cm

Pterophyllum Scalare
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Veiltail Tuxedo Angel Fish 4cm
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Angelfish are a laterally compressed cichlid with a disc-shaped cichlid with large, elongated fins. The dorsal and anal fins stand tall and erect, while the caudal fin is fan-shaped. The iris of the eye is often red in color. The coloration depends on the variety.

Its maximum size is around 1215 cm length, up to 20 cm height- although exceptional husbandry on the part of the owner can produce an angel up to 20cm in rare instances. These angelfish prefer water with a 6.08.0 pH,with 6.5-7.4 being ideal. a water hardness of 5.013.0 dGH, and a temperature range of 2430?C.

Average lifespan in an aquarium is 10 years, but there have been reported instances of individuals living twice as long. Freshwater angelfish are piscivores, meaning that they eat other fish. In the wild angels sit just below the surface, waiting to lunge at unaware small fish that pass above them in the twilight of the early morning and late evening. However, in an aquarium, their predilection for laziness sets in and they rapidly show preference for slow moving processed food rather than having to run down larger, harder to chew live fish. They are safe to keep with other peaceful fish that are not too small (i.e. those that could fit in its mouth). For example, an angel that has never seen a neon tetra might eat a small one just out of instinct if it can fit in its mouth.

Whilst known to eat small fish, this can be largely prevented by adding small fish when the Angelfish is very young. It then doesn't regard these fish as food. It also appears to lessen the bullying of other Angels. The angelfish does well in groups of 6 or more, but one should usually keep an odd number to decrease "bullying".
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Scientific Name Pterophyllum Scalare
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