Tiger Barb 2cm

Tiger Barb 2cm

Golden Tiger Barb

Golden Tiger Barb 2cm

Tiger Barb 2cm

Puntius Tetrazona
Tiger Barbs are popular aquarium fish. They are hardy colourful, and quite active, making them fun to watch. They can nip, so keep them away from small fish with long fins.
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These fish are very popular because of their bold markings and active, showy nature. Tiger barbs are best kept in a school of 6 or more. Do not keep with fish with long flowing fins such as Angels or Guppies, as the barbs may nip their fins. Various colour strains have been developed because of the fish's enduring popularity. Grows to about 6-7cm.

The Barb is an active, colourful and popular aquarium fish. They are easy to feed, taking a wide variety of foods including dried food.

Barbs will command your attention! They enjoy swimming all over the tank at breakneck pace. Like many tropical fish, the male is generally more colourful, while the female is less colourful.

Barbs will school when in a group of at least five or six, and are less likely to bother other fish when in a group together. Many species are considered unsuitable in aquaria with slow-moving, long-finned tankmates. Barbs are not fussy about their water conditions and they will thrive in parameters such as: Temperature: 18 – 26 degrees pH: 6.5 – 7. 5 General Hardness: 50 – 150 ppm

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Scientific Name Puntius Tetrazona
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