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Tang Scopas - Medium

Zebrasoma Scopas
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Tang Scopas - Zebrasoma Scopas

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This is a Saltwater fish.

· Temperature: 24°C - 26°C.
· pH: 8.0 - 8.4
· Specific Gravity: 1.020 - 1.025

These will add colour and interest to the marine tank, from the royal blue of the Blue Tang to the brown Scopas tang, with all varieties in between.

You can keep 1-3 – depending on species, ranging from easy (scopas tang) to moderate-difficult (lined surgeon)

These fish are primarily an herbivorous animal and feed predominantly on marine algae, but they will readily accept
frozen foods, They may also accept Nori sheets (sushi paper).
They will eat from any where in the tank, and will forage at the bottom of the tank.

They are ideal community fish, and will get along with most other fish if none of them “own” territory. Some surgeonfish will swim happily together in a large tank, but care must be taken for some species which have been reported to be aggressive to one another.
These are very good at controlling undesired algae and plants, but can also consume desired algae and plants, so caution is advised.

The Acanthuridae species are one of the most popular in the industry.
Due to the variety, they have members that are peaceful as well as aggressive.
Maintaining water quality is vitally important in this group if it is to be successfully kept in captivity.
This will also help to reduce the incidence of marine white spot, which can flare in these fish if they become stressed.
The best way of avoiding this is to check the water quality regularly, feed a nutritious diet, and ensure that they have correct housing and you will get many years of pleasure from these beautiful fish.

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Scientific Name Zebrasoma Scopas
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