Striped Kuhli Loach

Striped Kuhli Loach 5cm

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Julidochromis Dickfeldi

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Striped Kuhli Loach 5cm

Pangio Kuhlii
The Kuhli Loach is an long, slender, eel shaped loach. Happy to scavenge for food, but will also feed on baby snails and most fish foods. Generally shy but will come out at feeding time.
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The Kuhli Loach is a long, slender, eel-shaped loach. It is a bottom-dwelling scavenger and will feed on live and frozen foods as well as flakes.

The Kuhli Loach is generally a nocturnal and shy fish, which will like to find a hiding place during the day. However, they will readily come out at feeding time. They are very adept at locating bits of food in an aquarium and are often included in an aquarium to ensure that there is no buildup of uneaten foods under rocks or wood.

If it is kept in small groups, the Kuhli Loach becomes a little more comfortable and will be seen swimming in and around piles of rocks, under and over pieces of driftwood, or around stems of plants.

It is an excellent community fish that can be readily combined with a variety of other peaceful aquarium fish species. A bizarre and unusual body shape makes these a sought-after species. They are best kept in schools of 4 or more. A great community fish, with an excellent bottom feeder for all aquariums.

Water Quality,
· Temperature: 24°C - 29°C.
· pH: 6.0 - 7.0
· General Hardness: up to 250 ppm.

More Information
Scientific Name Pangio Kuhlii
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