Star - Pin Cushion Medium

Star - Pin Cushion Medium

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Purple Stripe Dottyback - Medium

Singapore Angelfish

Singapore Angelfish - Small

Star - Pin Cushion Medium

Culcita sp

The Pin Cushion Star has one of the most unique colourings and shapes. Highly sought after by aquarist due to its low availability to hobbyists, it will make a novel addition to your tank.

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The Pin Cushion Star can vary in its base colours and often has other patches of colour covering it. Common colours include a greyish background with pink patches. It has the rough shape of a pentagon, and its surface is leathery. It has a puffed up, or inflated appearance, which is why it is described as a cushion star. On its upper body are conical spines, and on its lower body are conical tubercles.

Pin Cushion Stars are rebroadcast spawners. Several females will release eggs and at the same time, males release sperm to fertilize the eggs. This method makes successful fertilization more likely. It also reduces the chance of predators eating the eggs.

This species lives in the Western Indo-Pacific. Locations include East Africa, Madagascar, the Red Sea, Philippines, Maldives, and Australia. They inhabit lagoons or inner reef flats to depths of around 92 metres.

Tank Recommendations for your Pin Cushion Star

Suitable tank size is at least 125 gallons (473litres).

This species is not suitable for reef tanks as they can consume coral. A good environment is in a mature fish only tank, with plenty of space on the substrate for traversing.

Avoid too much rockwork as this species doesn't climb. Any formations should contain algae/organic film. Water needs to be properly maintained. Cushion Stars are sensitive to rapid salinity or gravity changes.

Suitable Tank Buddies

Pin Cushion Stars are a peaceful species, if a tank is large enough, they can cohabit with their own kind.

A suitable tank should contain docile, peaceful fish. Fin nippers and predatory fish need to be monitored or avoided completely.

Usually Compatible

Suitable tank buddies include Chromis, Anthias, Dartfish, Basslets, Tangs and Pseudochromis.

Sometime Compatible

Caution is advised with Butterflyfish, Angelfish, Foxface/Rabbitfish, Wrasses, and Lionfish/Scorpionfish.

Rarely Compatible

Avoid small invertebrates, corals, Pufferfish, Triggerfish, Sharks/Rays, and Parrotfish.

Feeding your Pin Cushion Star

Pin Cushion Stars are omnivores. They are scavengers, consume microorganisms and detritus as they move around the tank. They also eat coral and small invertebrates which is why they are unsuitable for reef tanks. This species should also be fed chopped invertebrates. Feeding should occur at least once a week.

More Information
Scientific Name Culcita sp
Care Level Moderate
Common Names Pin Cushion Star, Spiny Cushion Star
Diet Omnivore
Fish Family Ophidiasteridae
Max. Length (cm) 30.5
Min. Tank Volume (l) 473
Origin Western Indo-Pacific - East Africa, Madagascar, the Red Sea, Philippines, Maldives, Australia
Reef Safe No
Sociability Peaceful
Venomous No
Water Conditions 22 to 28° C (72-83° F), dKH 8-12, pH 8.0-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025
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