Rosy Barb Male

Rosy Barb Male 5cm

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Longfin Rosy Barb Male

Longfin Rosy Barb Male 5.5cm

Rosy Barb Male 5cm

Puntius Conchonius
Puntius Conchonius
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Barbs are not fussy about their water conditions and they will thrive in parameters such as,
Temperature: 18 - 26 degrees
pH: 6.5 - 7. 5
General Hardness: 50 - 150 ppm
The Rosy Barb is an eye-catching sight with its red colouration.  
Hardy and easy to care for, Rosy Barbs are ideal for both heated and unheated aquaria.  
A very popular species, active and showy.  
Native to India, grows to about 6-7cm.  
The Rosy Barb is an active, colourful and popular aquarium fish. 
The male is a brilliant orange red colour, with a distinctive black spot near the tail.
Rosy Barbs will command your attention! They enjoy swimming all over the tank at breakneck pace. 
Like many tropical fish, the male is more colourful with a brighter red colouration, while the female is less colourful, with olive and gold overtones.
Rosy barbs will school when in a group of five or six, and are less likely to bother other fish when in a group together.
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Scientific Name Puntius Conchonius
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