Rainbow Shark - Epalzeorhynchos Frenatum

Rainbow Shark 5cm

Golden Shark Albino Rainbow

Golden Shark - Albino Rainbow 5cm

Silver Shark

Silver Shark 5cm

Rainbow Shark 5cm

Epalzeorhynchos Frenatum
Though Sharks look imposing they are not particularly aggressive and can usually be kept with slightly smaller fish. They can be aggressive towards other sharks and, grow up to 15cm
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Though sharks look imposing, especially since they can get rather large, they are not aggressive and make a good community fish. They can even be kept with smaller fish. It is a lively fish that may jump so keep the aquarium covered. They have been known to make audible sounds.

These fish prefer a larger aquarium and lots of swimming space. Place plants around the inside edges of the perimeter and use wood for the decor. Though they will pick up leftover foods from the bottom of the aquarium, they do so daintily with very little disturbance to the substrate or the plants.
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Scientific Name Epalzeorhynchos Frenatum
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