Neon Rainbow XL 5cm

Neon Rainbow XL 5cm

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Boesemani Rainbow 3.5cm


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Neon Rainbow XL 5cm

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Melanotaenia praecox (Neon Rainbow)

Praecox are a spectacular fish, having a neon blue body and red fins. These are excellent fish. They are perfect examples of what the Praecox were when they first became available commercially in Australia. They are hatchery spawned, pond raised. Because they have been raised in the pond the body shape is perfect as is the colour.

Keeping and caring for rainbowfishes in captivity is reasonably simple as far as general aquarium conditions are concerned. They are one of the easiest fishes to maintain in captivity. They also possess all the attributes we look for in aquarium fishes. Ease of breeding, hardy, beautiful colours, peaceful disposition and they won't destroy your plants or move the gravel around in your aquarium. They come in a variety of sizes to suit almost any community aquarium.

Rainbowfishes have very similar breeding habits, their food requirements are similar, and water that suits one particular species will suit all. All are of good-natured temperament and will live harmoniously, more or less, with one another.

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Scientific Name Praecox
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