Multi Cure 125ml

Multi Cure 125ml

Pimafix 237ml

Pimafix 237ml

Blue Planet - White Spot Remedy 125ML

White Spot Remedy 125ML

Multi Cure 125ml

Blue Planet - 125ML

Aid in the treatment of White Spot (Ichthyopthirius Multiifiliis) Velvet disease (Oodinium Spp.) and Fungal Disease in Aquarium fish.

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Use 0.25ml (5drops) per 1 liter or use at the rate of 5ml per 20 liters of aquarium water. For Tetra species, baby fish and scaleless fish (Loaches, etc) use at a rate of 5ml per 40 liters of aquarium water. DO NOT OVERDOSE. Repeat treatment after 3 days.

USAGE GUIDE: To calculate approximate tank capacity: length x width x water level height (in cm) and divide by 1,000 for liters.

FIRST AID: If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Center: Phone Australia: 13 11 26, New Zealand: 0800 764 766.

STORAGE: Storage below 30 degrees Celcius (room temperature).

DISPOSAL: Dispose of empty container by wrapping with paper and placing it in the garbage. 

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Scientific Name Blue Planet - 125ML
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