Longfin Leopard Danio 4cm

Longfin Leopard Danio 4cm

Leopard Danio

Leopard Danio 3.5cm

Pearl Danio

Pearl Danio 3.5cm

Longfin Leopard Danio 4cm

Danio Rerio
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Leopard Danios are one of a number of hardy, peaceful Danios, ideal for the beginner. Best kept in a school with other community fish. Considered by many to be a colour form of the Zebra Danio. Grows to about 5cm.

A hardy and highly active shoaling fish for the upper region of the aquarium. It is recommended that they be purchased as a group of 6 or more, as individual specimens tend to fade away by themselves.

Although boisterous and liable to chase each other and other fish, they are good community fish and will not generally attack each other or other fish, although they occasionally nip fins, more by accident than design and will, like most fish, eat eggs and any fish small enough to fit into their mouths.

They are best kept in a tank long enough for their active swimming, preferably with a current from a power filter (or at least airstone) as they often live in fast flowing streams in the wild. Generally this also results in them being sub tropical with temperatures of 20 to 22 degrees Celsius (low seventies degrees Fahrenheit) often being fine, however they are good jumpers and a tight fitting lid is recommended.
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Scientific Name Danio Rerio
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