L080 Dwarf Pleco

L080 Dwarf Pleco 3.5cm

Long Nose Whiptail

Long Nose Whiptail 20cm

Cyprichromis Leptosoma

Cyprichromis Leptosoma 4.5cm

L080 Dwarf Pleco 3.5cm

Loricariidae sp L080
Dwarf Pleco L080
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The Dwarf Pleco is very similar to L038 but is different and a great pleco that doesn't grow too big.

Being a bottom dweller they are a good community fish and will thrive if you provide a lot of rocks and driftwoods for them to feed from and retreat to as they are naturally cave dwellers.

The males develop small teeth-like odontodes which adorn the leading pectoral fin rays and the back half of the body whereas the Females remain unadorned and have a wider girth across the body behind the pectoral fins, which is generally more obvious when looking from above the fish.

Temp - 23.0-27.0°C


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Scientific Name Loricariidae sp L080
Care Level Easy
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