Kessil Horticulture Spectral Controller

Kessil Horticulture Spectral Controller

Kessil Led Light A360 Refugium

Kessil Led Light A360 Refugium

H-Series Goose Neck Mount

H-Series Goose Neck Mount

Kessil Horticulture Spectral Controller

H-Series Spectral Controller

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    0.24lb / 0.11kg

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    L 5.6" x W 2.5" x H 0.56"

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Product Information


Equipped with a vivid LCD display and touch control, the H-Series Spectral Controller is designed to simplify and automate your hydroponics system. With multiple program modes, this intuitive and easy-to-use controller eliminates the need for a computer, additional software, or any coding knowledge.

One Controller, Two Groups

The Horticulture Spectral Controller is equipped with two separate 0-10V-output ports. These ports allow a single controller to run two different groups of linked lights at once, each following a unique program.

Program Modes

Manual Mode:

Manual Mode allows users to instantly tune the light for immediate customization. Users can individually control the spectrum and intensity to find the ideal setting.

Quick Set:

The Quick Set mode allows users to create a repeating 24-hour schedule simply by programming 6 points with customized spectrums and intensity.

Auto Mode:

Auto Mode is designed specifically to boost the yield of various types of plants. Mimic entire seasons with adjustable critical day length.

What's in the Box

  • Controller (x1)

  • Magnetic Back Plate (x1)

  • Power Adaptor (x1)

  • Micro USB Cable (x1)

  • Unit Link Cable (x1)

  • Screws (X2)

  • Nylon anchor (X2)

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