Golden Tiger Barb

Golden Tiger Barb 4cm

Tiger Barb

Tiger Barb 4cm

Moss Green Tiger Barb

Moss Green Tiger Barb 4cm

Golden Tiger Barb 4cm

Puntius Tetrazona

Golden Tiger Barb - Puntius Tetrazona

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Golden body colour is a feature of the albino strain, making a nice contrast to the dark banded wild form. Tiger Barbs are best kept in a school of 6 or more. Do not keep with fish with long flowing fins such as Angels or Guppies, as the barbs may nip their fins. Grows to about 6-7cm.

The Barb is an active, colourful and popular aquarium fish. They are easy to feed, taking a wide variety of foods including dried food.

Barbs will command your attention! They enjoy swimming all over the tank at a breakneck pace. Like much tropical fish, the male is generally more colourful, while the female is less colourful.

Barbs will school when in a group of at least five or six and are less likely to bother other fish when in a group together. Many species are considered unsuitable in aquaria with slow-moving, long-finned tankmates.

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Scientific Name Puntius Tetrazona
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