Golden Molly

Golden Molly 5cm

Dalmation Molly

Dalmation Molly 5cm

Orange  Metallic Molly

Orange Metallic Molly 5cm

Golden Molly 5cm

Poecilia Latipinna
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The Molly is a peaceful and attractive aquarium fish, that can be kept easily in a home aquarium. It should preferably be kept with other peaceful fish.

It is one of the most well-known aquarium fishes and nearly as easy to keep and prolific as guppies (for optimal health and breeding success, they demand fresh vegetable food like algae).

They can be kept at 1829 ?C, but their optimum temperature seems to be 2427 ?C. This is slightly higher than their guppy cousins which prefer 2325 ?C. They do best if kept in tanks with plants (preferably live, but fake will do) to give them hiding places and (although unlike guppies they tend not to eat their own young) give the fry a better chance at survival.
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Scientific Name Poecilia Latipinna
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