Giant Black Lined Pencilfish 5cm

Giant Black Lined Pencilfish 5cm

Silvertip Tetra

Silvertip Tetra 3.5cm

African Longfin Tetra

African Longfin Tetra 4cm

Giant Black Lined Pencilfish 5cm

Anostomus Ternetzi
Anostomus ternetzi
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Giant Black Lined Pencilfish, are something different to have in your tank.
Pencil fish are a very attractive, slender, pencil shaped (hence the name) fish that are interesting to watch in schools among a well planted tank.

Water conditions,
· Temperature: 22 - 26
· pH: 6.0 - 7.5
· General Hardness: 50 - 200 ppm

They will prefer to be in an aquarium with soft, slightly acidic water conditions.

They love a diet variety, with small, live, dry frozen food and vegetable matter.
They will eat aquatic plants so some vegetable varieties such as Cos Lettuce or Zucchini are recommended, and hopefully stops them wanting to munch on your plants

More Information
Scientific Name Anostomus Ternetzi
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