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Fowlers Surgeon Tang

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Fowlers Surgeon Tang

Acanthurus fowleri

The Fowlers Surgeon Tang is an attractive species of Tang which is suited to a reef or fish only environment. It can be beneficial in controlling the growth of tank algae

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The Fowlers Surgeon Tang is semi-aggressive, although it is peaceful around most fish, it may show aggression to similar-looking species. It is advised to either keep it as the only Tang in the tank or as a mating pair.

Its body is brown and the head is blue. The dorsal fin is yellow with a blue outline and a blue line also occurs behind its eye.

Breeding information for the Fowler Surgeon Tang is limited, but members of the Acanthuridae family generally spawn in mated pairs.

This species requires a moderate level of care. While they are suitable for a reef or fish only environment, they may nibble on some corals so their behaviour should be monitored.

Adults can reach a length of 18 inches (45 cm) when fully grown.

Wild Fowler Surgeon Tang are usually found on seaward facing reefs or drop-offs, usually to a depth of around 50 meters. They also graze on periphyton in submerged prairies and sandy-bottomed areas.

In the wild, it is distributed across the Western Pacific, from Indonesia and the Philippines to Papua New Guinea and North-West Australia.

Tank Recommendations for the Fowler Surgeon Tang

The minimum recommended tank size is 360 gallons (1362 litres).

Fowler Surgeon Tangs spend their time constantly grazing and so it is recommended to include plenty of live rock which will encourage algae growth.

A suitable aquarium will make use of live rock to create plenty of separate areas for territory and shelter, while still offering plenty of open space for swimming.

Suitable Tank Buddies

The Fowler Surgeon Tang is semi-aggressive and may be hostile to fish of a similar size including their own species. When housed with suitable tank buddies it is a good community fish.

Aggression to other tank members will increase if it is housed in a tank that is too small.

Usually Compatible

Fowler Surgeon Tangs can be housed with a variety of fish. Compatible species include Angelfish, Anglerfish/Frogfish, Basslets, Boxfish, Cardinalfish, Dragonets, Groupers and Squirrelfish.

Sometime Compatible

Use caution when housing Fowler Surgeon Tangs with Triggerfish, Filefish, Sharks/Rays, Batfish, and other Tangs.

Rarely Compatible

Avoid housing Fowler Surgeon Tangs with Seahorses/Pipefish.

The Fowler Surgeon Tang will stand out in any tank and is adaptable enough to house in reef or fish only tank.

Feeding Your Fowler Surgeon Tang

Fowler Surgeon Tangs are naturally herbivores in the wild. In the aquarium, they will also consume meaty food such as chopped seafood, mysis shrimp and brine shrimp.

However, most of their diet should be plant-based. Suitable greens include spirulina, marine algae, zucchini, broccoli, and seaweed (Nori). Vegetable flakes can be included in their diet and they will graze on any algae growing in the tank. They usually require 2-3 feedings per day.

More Information
Scientific Name Acanthurus fowleri
Care Level Moderate
Venomous No
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