Clownfish Cinnamon - Small

Clownfish Cinnamon - Small

Clownfish Fire

Fire Clownfish - Small

Clownfish - Black & White 4cm

Clownfish - Black & White 4cm

Clownfish Cinnamon - Small

Amphiprion Melanopus,

The Cinnamon Clownfish is an excellent beginner fish due to its small size and hardy nature. These little creatures are colourful and energetic and will make any tank environment more lively.

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This species of clownfish have oval-shaped bodies like most and have reddish-brown shading with a brilliant white band running down behind their eyes to the bottom of their chins. Juveniles have three of these stripes on their bodies but two of them will fade as they mature into adulthood.

Females are normally slightly larger than the males and can sometimes have a paler or even white face. This species of clownfish are one of the easiest types to breed in captivity. For this reason, they have become affectionately known as the 'rabbits' of the aquarium industry.

What's interesting about these fish is that they are born sexless and depending on their environment will transform into juvenile males. They can then switch sexes into a dominant female if the need arises.

They are found in the Pacific Ocean from Indonesia all the way down to the Philippines, Australia and even Fuji and Tonga. They love shallow reefs and lagoons and are normally spotted at depths between 1 to 18 metres. If possible they will make their homes in a bubble tip anemone in male-female pairs.

Tank Recommendations for the Cinnamon Clownfish

The smallest tank size for this species is 120 litres with plenty of corals and rocks for decoration that they can choose from as a home. A host anemone is not essential but they do prefer it. A bubble tip anemone would be ideal but this clownfish will do just fine if one isn't present. Any substrate and lighting will suffice but just make sure to provide at least one area of calmer water movement which they can use for feeding. They spend their time in all areas of the tank unless an anemone is included in which case they tend to hang close by. They will do extremely well in both fish only and reef tank environments.

Suitable Tank Buddies

The Cinnamon Clownfish is classified as semi-aggressive and will get extremely territorial especially in smaller tanks. Be careful when putting your hand inside as these fellas can have a nasty bite. They can be kept with most other fish that aren't large enough to fit them in their mouths. Keeping them with others of the same species is not advisable unless they are a proven male-female pair.

Usually Compatible

Batfish, Blennies and Damselfish would make excellent choices for tank buddies. Other great species to combine them with are Dragonets, Boxfish and Angelfish. Filefish, Goatfish and Parrotfish will not be problematic either. You also shouldn't have any trouble when keeping them with Rays, Squirrelfish and Tangs.

Sometime Compatible

Pufferfish and Triggerfish may sometimes cause problems especially if they are big enough. Some species of Wrasse and Frogfish may also be problematic depending on their size. Keeping them with other Clownfish species should only be considered carefully as they can be aggressive towards one another sometimes.

Rarely Compatible

Sharks and Groupers should be avoided as they will most likely see the Clownfish as prey. The same goes for other predators such as Lionfish and Snappers. You should steer away from Scorpionfish and Eels for the same reason.

Feeding your Cinnamon Clownfish

In the wild, these fish are omnivores and will feed on worms, algae, copepods and even their own fish eggs sometimes. In your tank provide them with a varied diet of both meat and veggie foods. Frozen brine and mysis shrimp along with chopped shrimp and fish is ideal. They will pick at some algae in the tank when needed but pellet and flake foods that contain spirulina should be given if not enough algae growth is present. Feed the adults twice a day and a little more if they are still juveniles. You should give them enough food for them to consume in about 3 minutes.

More Information
Scientific Name Amphiprion Melanopus,
Care Level Easy
Common Names The Cinnamon Clown fish is also known as the Red and Black Anemone Fish and the Black Back Anemone Fish.
Diet Omnivore
Fish Family Pomacanthidae
Lifespan (years) 17
Max. Length (cm) 13
Min. Tank Volume (l) 120
Origin Pacific
Reef Safe Yes
Sociability Semi-aggressive
Venomous No
Water Conditions 22.2-27.8° C (72-82° F), dKH 8-12, pH 7.8-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025
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