Burmese Rummynose

Burmese Rummynose 3.5cm

Congo Tetra Male

Congo Tetra Male 5cm

Glass Bloodfin Tetra

Glass Bloodfin Tetra 3.5cm

Burmese Rummynose 3.5cm

Sawbwa Resplendens
Burmese Rummynose - Sawbwa Resplendens
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This small scaleless species comes from Lake Inle in Burma. Once settled in, the males should start to show their characteristic red noses, and red-tipped tails with the Silvery/blueish body. Females are a silvery/ blueish colour all over.

Best kept in a small group with other peaceful fish. Burmese
Rummynose can handle from neutral/hard, to moderately hard water, and seem to show less colour if kept in soft water. Colour can also depend on tank surroundings and lighting in the tank.
Fully grown they can reach about 4cm.

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Scientific Name Sawbwa Resplendens
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