Chromis Blue-Green

Blue-Green Chromis MED

Chromis Blue-Green

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Blue-Green Chromis MED

Chromis Viridis

Very easy to keep these fish are colourful and active they look great when schooling in the aquarium.

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Blue-Green Chromis

The color of these fish varies depending on the light from light blue through to pale green as their name would suggest.

They have a peaceful temperament and can add a lot of color and life to your tank especially in larger groups.

You can keep one on its own in a reef or fish-only tank, or in groups. When keeping them in groups it’s best to keep six or more of them together to ensure none of the group gets picked on.

These fish tend to stay towards the top of the tank and will swim around in a school which makes them striking.

The Blue-Green Chromis originates from the Indo-Pacific region.

Tank Recommendations for Blue-Green Chromis

Your tank should be at least 30 gallons for one specimen, and at least 55 gallons for a group of six fish. Rocks and corals with plenty of places for them to hide are ideal for when they feel threatened and also for sleep.

Ensure that there is plenty of open space near the top of the tank as this is where they like to swim.

Live rock with some algae growth will give them a food source to snack on. These fish aren’t fussy when it comes to currents.

Suitable Tank Buddies

The Blue-Green Chromis or Damselfish does grow larger than some other varieties but are still small and peaceful even as adults. So don't keep them with other aggressive or semi-aggressive fish that feed on the same foods.

They will mix well in most community tanks and don't have a problem with hard or soft corals and invertebrates.

Usually Compatible

These Damselfish mix well with Gobies, Dartfish and Fairy Wrasses, Starfish and most invertebrates.

Keeping groups of 6 or more Blue – Green Chromis together in a larger aquarium allow them to shoal. If you keep less than 6 together individuals within the group may lead to bullying.

Sometime Compatible

Other Damselfish can be problem tank mates as can Clownfish and other semi-aggressive and aggressive fish of a similar size.

Be cautious of keeping them with fish like Angelfish, both large and dwarf varieties as they may pick on them. Likewise, if you are mixing them with Frogfish, Cardinals, Filefish, Pufferfish, or Triggerfish.

Rarely Compatible

You shouldn’t mix Blue – Green Chromis with predatory fish with mouths big enough to fit them in. So no Sharks, Groupers, Snappers, Scorpionfish, or Eels.

Slow-moving fish like Seahorses don’t do well with Damsels in general as they compete for the same foods and lose out because they are slower.

Feeding Your Blue - Green Chromis

They're omnivores so accept mysis and brine shrimp, shredded frozen fish, pellets, and flake food. They will also eat some algae from live rock, so feeding your Chromis shouldn’t present any problems at all.

Like most Damselfish, it's best to feed them smaller meals throughout the day.

More Information
Scientific Name Chromis Viridis
Care Level Easy
Common Names Green Chromis, Blue Green Damselfish, Blue-green Puller, Green Puller, and Blue Puller
Diet Omnivore
Fish Family Pomacentridae
Lifespan (years) 12
Max. Length (cm) 10
Min. Tank Volume (l) 114
Origin Indo-Pacific
Reef Safe Yes
Sociability Peaceful
Venomous No
Water Conditions 22 to 28° C, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1 - 8.4, 1.023-1.025 SG
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