Bicolour Blenny

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Bicolour Blenny

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Yellow Clown Goby

Yellow Clown Goby MED

Bicolour Blenny SML

Ecsenius Bicolor

The Bicolour Blenny gets its name as it is one colour at the front and then another at the back. The front of the Bicolour Blenny varies from blue to brown, then the back half of the blenny is usually a shade of orange.

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Bicolour Blenny


Blenny's don't free swim around the tank, they prefer to move from one spot to another. These fish have plenty of personalities though and you can spend plenty of time watching them in your tank.

The Bicolour is from in the Indo-Pacific region

The Bicolor Blenny is a hardy fish, but will still need some acclimatization time when you add them to your tank or your quarantine tank.

Blennies are known to try to jump out of the tank when they get spooked. So it’s important to have a good-fitting aquarium hood so that you don’t find your blenny on the carpet in the morning.

Tank Recommendations for the Bicolour Blenny

Live rock with algae growing on it to eat is ideal for these guys. They will also help to keep your algae in the tank under control.

The tank should be mature and already have microalgae growing for them to snack on between feeding times. Having live rock in the tank is great for the blennys as it provides a food source for them as well as places for them to hide.

Suitable Tank Buddies

Blenny’s with their peaceful temperament are compatible with most fish providing they have plenty of space to hide. There are a few species of fish that they aren’t compatible with.

Usually Compatible

Smaller or non-aggressive fish mix well with Blennys. So good choices are Boxfish, Butterfly fish, Chromis, Damsels, Pufferfish, Tangs, and Dartfish. Blennys cause no issues with snails, shrimps, live corals, or live rock.

Sometime Compatible

Take caution when keeping different blennys together though, as they will compete for food. If keeping blennys with Hogfish, Parrotfish or Triggerfish hiding places are more important.

Rarely Compatible

As with most small fish, it’s not a good idea to keep Blennys with predatory fish that can fit them in their mouths. So Eels, Groupers, Lion or Scorpionfish, and Sharks and Rays. It’s also not recommended to keep this Blenny with Seahorses as the Blenny’s compete for the food resources.

Feeding your Bicolour Blenny

It is an Omnivore and so besides microalgae growing on your live rock try to also get them onto pellets of frozen and dried foods containing algae. Also, supplement this with brine or mysis shrimp.

More Information
Scientific Name Ecsenius Bicolor
Care Level Easy
Venomous Yes
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