Assorted Juvenile Oscar

Juvenile Oscar 4cm

Oscar - Wild

Oscar - Wild 4cm

Juvenile Oscar 4cm

Astronotus ocellatus


Assorted Juvenile Oscar - Astronotus ocellatus

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Due to their size, Oscars are often kept by aquarists with other larger American cichlids. The fish comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns such as Tiger, Black, Albino, Zebra, Red and Fire Red.

Oscars move with a slow, majestic appearance, but they can be quite destructive to their surroundings, as they tend to uproot plants, and move other objects in their tanks. They are a very peaceful fish among others of similar size, but will eat anything small enough to fit in their mouths, and can quite easily be trained to eat from their owner's hand. Oscars will frequently fight vigorously with each other, which leads to much chasing and splashing, although they typically do not hurt each other. Oscars are best kept in a 200L tank with a medium textured substrate. It is also recommended to place oscars only with larger fish since they have been known to eat smaller fish that are introduced into their environment. An intelligent fish, if the oscar is raised with a set of fish, it will tend to leave them alone, but will attack newly introduced fish, even if they are of a similar size and species, as ones already there.

Oscars are popular as pets, as they are interesting fish with personalities and surprising intelligence. Some larger oscars occasionally enjoy a gentle rub from their owner. Oscars recognize the person who feed them and some times, "dance," in joy when their meal is served. They will also "play" with toys, like a handful of rocks. Deep gravel will sometimes be avoided in oscar tanks, as thick layers can make keeping the tank clean difficult. Oscars like to dig, which can stir waste that has settled in and on the gravel layer, making the water in the tank very cloudy. But oscars can be given a handful of rocks to play with and twirl around, and rearrange. This is especially true for single oscars, whose only companion is its owner. While its owner is away from it, oscars can also play with a mirror to entertain itself. The oscar will challenge the mirror or socialize with it. But if the oscar excessively charges the mirror or tries to attack it, the mirror should be immediately removed so the oscar doesn't injure itself.
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Scientific Name Astronotus ocellatus
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