Albino Princess Cichlid 3.5cm

Albino Princess Cichlid 3.5cm

Orange Lemon Cichlid 3.5cm

Orange Lemon Cichlid 3.5cm

Kribensis Pair

Kribensis Pair 7cm

Albino Princess Cichlid 3.5cm

Neolamprologus Brichardi

The Albino Princess Cichlid really stands out in an aquarium because of its beautiful and elegant look. It has a very nice fin structure which look even better when mature.

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Albino Princess Cichlid

The Albino Princess Cichlid really stands out in an aquarium because of its beautiful and elegant look. It has a very nice fin structure which look even better when mature. The most interesting factor about this fish is the fact that it has the albino gene present which gives it a totally white look with hints of pink. Being an African cichlid this fish would contrast extremely against the typically bright coloured peacocks which makes this a stunning addition. The albino colour and the overall look of the princess cichlid is the same from juvenile till adult size which is always a good benefit because you know exactly how your fish will look! Trying to find the males and females in this species is possible with males having a longer and a more developed dorsal fin than females. Interestingly these fish are monogamous and usually form bonds for life. The princess cichlid is not an extremely shy species and like many other African cichlid species it is readily swimming and displaying itself. The princess cichlid will definitely do best in a group of others in its species as this fish is always found in ‘colonies’ in the wild. Its natural habitat is the Great Lake Tanganyika in Africa.

Tank Recommendations for your Albino Princess Cichlid 

The Albino Princess Cichlid needs a tank that is at least 40 gallons (151.42 liters) as they are a fish that need to be kept in colonies with members of their species. Having the extra space allows them to accommodate for their fry if breeding occurs.

A sand substrate is advisable as these cichlids actively will sift  through the sand looking for food and will make them feel comfortable as they will try camouflaging against the sand. The princess cichlid will really appreciate good rock work in the aquarium with lots of caves and tunnel like structures as these fish actively dart through the rock work. This species is mostly active during the day when the lights are on during the day.

Suitable Tank Buddies

The princess cichlid relatively peaceful. They get along with a wide range of African cichlids and would make a great addition to a community African cichlid. They will really need other members of their species to thrive and will be far more active during the day if this is the case.

Usually Compatible

Suitable tank mates include Malawi peacocks, shell dwellers, jullidochromis, calvus and haplocromis species.

Sometime Compatible

Mbuna species of African cichlids.

Rarely Compatible

Non-African fish species such as extremely small slow moving fish such as cardinal tetras, neon tetras, glow light tetras and heavily aggressive fish such as oscars, jaguar cichlids and Red Devils.

Feeding your Albino Princess Cichlids

Princess cichlids are omnivores and they will readily prefer both meaty foods and will actively forage on algae. They will consume a wide range of dry and frozen foods. Their diet should contain good quality sinking pellets or flake and be supplemented with foods that have high greens such as a spirulina African cichlid pellet, natural algae that is grown in the aquarium and even sheets of seaweed. Feeding should occur one a day and it is best to do so when the lights are on during the day.

More Information
Scientific Name Neolamprologus Brichardi
Care Level Moderate
Common Names Princess Cichlid, Brichardi cichlid, Fairy Cichlid
Diet Omnivore
Fish Family Cichlidae
Lifespan (years) 10
Max. Length (cm) 10 12
Min. Tank Volume (l) 151.2 Litres
Origin Lake Tanganyika - Africa
Reef Safe Yes
Sociability Peaceful
Venomous No
Water Conditions 24-26° C (75-79° F), pH 7.5.0-8.0
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