Goby - Purple Dartfish

Goby - Purple Dartfish

Yellow Clown Goby

Yellow Clown Goby MED

Black Scissortail Dartfish Goby MED

Black Scissortail Dartfish Goby MED

Goby - Purple Dartfish

Nemateleotris Decora

The Purple Dart Fish is an amazing addition to any aquarium. The colours on this species of fish are simply outstanding to look at. They have a white or yellow body with a multi-coloured fin and purple face. They are a wonderful beginner's species because they eat almost anything and are extremely disease resistant.

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These rainbow-like fish like to hover around just above the sand but are also fond of jumping out of the tank so watch out.

It's extremely difficult to identify the gender of these fish so care must be taken by only having one in a tank to avoid aggression. Some say that they can be safely housed in multiples either in a male/female pair or a very large tank.

Purple dart fish have been marked as one of the least vulnerable for over-collection from the Indo-Pacific region and have also been found as far as Samoa and the Ryukyu Islands.

It's not easy to breed these fish in captivity due to the juveniles going through a platonic phase but if you're lucky a pair may build a nest and take turns guarding it.

Tank Recommendations for Purple Dart Fish

The smallest tank size required for this species is 40 litres and rocks to form some sort of crevice or hiding place should be included to make the dartfish feel safe and secure.

As mentioned before this particular type of goby are shockingly good "tank jumpers" which means an open-top aquarium is out of the question. A tank hood should be fitted with minimal exit points to ensure you purple dart fish doesn't end up on the carpet.

Suitable Tank Buddies

Purple dart fish can be kept with almost every other species of fish apart from other dartfish. Due to their size, larger predatory fish can prey on them so be aware.

Usually Compatible

Damsels, Blennies and Clownfish would be awesome tank buddies as they are similarly sized to the purple dartfish. These species also do great with live coral.

Sometime Compatible

Only ever keep multiples of this species in either an extremely large tank or in a confirmed male/female pair. Otherwise, they should be the only fish of the species in the tank. Caution should be taken if keeping predatory fish such as Rays, Triggerfish and Wrasses.

Rarely Compatible

Larger predatory saltwater species such as Groupers, Sharks, Snappers and even Frogfish are no-goes when keeping a Dartfish. These species will actively hunt species as small as the dartfish so extreme caution must be taken.

Feeding your Purple Dart Fish

This species is carnivorous and feeds on zooplankton and copepods in the wild. They will feed well on a variety of food in captivity. Foods such as frozen marine food(thawed), flakes and even live foods such as brine shrimp will make a dartfish happy. If you notice lack of eating just keep trying a variety of foods until it begins.

More Information
Scientific Name Nemateleotris Decora
Care Level Easy
Venomous No
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