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Nemateleotris exquisita

The Exquisite Dartfish is a beautifully coloured fish which is very hardy and adapts easily to an aquarium environment.

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The Exquisite Dartfish is a peaceful species but can be territorial. It can be housed with its own kind as part of a mated pair, other than this it will show aggression to conspecifics.

Their body colour is a pale yellow, with a purple forehead. The body is outlined by bright orange, pink & purple fins.

There is limited information about this species breeding. What is understood, is that the Exquisite Dartfish is known to breed with Purple Firefish, spawning hybrids.

Despite similarities to the Purple Firefish, Exquisite Dartfish may be more expensive as they are rarer and occupy deeper waters.

Their natural environment is around deeper reef slopes, usually between 42 -69 meters. Often, they are found in pairs, in clear water areas, over sand or rubble substrate. When fully grown they can reach a length of 3 inches (7.6cm)

This species was recently discovered in 2013, its natural locations include the Maldives, Mauritius, the Red Sea, Andaman Sea and the Andaman Islands.

Tank Recommendations for the Exquisite Dartfish

The smallest recommended tank size is 20 gallons (75.7 liters).

Exquisite Dartfish can jump out of the tank, so it is recommended to have a secure cover on the top.

Exquisite Dartfish need plenty of caves and places for shelter in the rock. If they feel threatened, they will retreat into one of these spaces.

A suitable aquarium should contain loose coral rubble, and plenty of live rock with crevices and spaces for shelter.

Suitable Tank Buddies

Exquisite Dartfish are peaceful with most fish, but they will fight with their own species unless the other fish is their mate.

It is not advised to house Exquisite Dartfish with aggressive fish.

Usually Compatible

Suitable tank buddies for Exquisite Dartfish include Dwarf Angelfish, Anthias, Butterflyfish, Chromis, Dragonets, Hawkfish and Tangs/Surgeonfish.

Sometime Compatible

Care should be taken when housing Exquisite Dartfish with Large Angelfish, Hogfish, Grunts/Sweetlips, Parrotfish, Seahorse/Pipefish and Squirrelfish.

Rarely Compatible

Avoid housing Exquisite Dartfish with conspecifics unless it is a mate. Other species to avoid include Anglerfish/Frogfish, Eels, Groupers, Lionfish/Scorpionfish and Sharks/Rays.

The Exquisite dartfish is bigger and even brighter than the similar-looking Purple Firefish and will stand out in any aquarium.

Feeding Your Triplespot Blenny

It is a carnivorous fish and enjoys a variety of meaty foods. A suitable diet should include enriched brine & mysis shrimp, finely chopped seafood and frozen preparations. It is also advised to supplement its diet with vitamin supplements to maintain its vivid colouration.

More Information
Scientific Name Nemateleotris exquisita
Care Level Easy
Venomous No
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