Black Scissortail Dartfish Goby

Black Scissortail Dartfish Goby LGE

Black Scissortail Dartfish Goby MED

Black Scissortail Dartfish Goby MED

Goby Pearl Dartfish

Goby Pearl Dartfish

Black Scissortail Dartfish Goby LGE

Nemateleotris Decora

The front of the Black Scissortail Dartfish is a grey to whitish color and the rear half of the body is brown to black. These active little fish are a great addition to a peaceful reef tank.

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The Black Scissortail Dartfish has a white head and then the back half of its body is a dark brown to black colour. It has tapering dorsal and anal fins giving and a black scissor tail from where it gets its name from which gives it the dart or arrow-like appearance.

These fish are peaceful and so is suited to reef tanks, but should only be kept with other Black Scissortail Dartfish if they are a mated pair otherwise they will fight.

In the wild, they live on outer reef slopes, lagoons and bays where they are usually in pairs as adults or small groups as juveniles. Unlike most Gobies and Dartfish they tend to swim away from danger rather than hide in a burrow, although hiding places should still be provided.

They are found in the Indo Pacific region and around Australia down to around Lord Howe Island off New South Wales.

Tank Recommendations for Black Scissortail Dartfish

Tank size needs to be at least 6 feet long (183cm) and 30 gallons (114 litres).

As with most Gobies, these fish like to have a substrate of loose coral rubble or sand that they can bury themselves in when they feel threatened or burrow into to sleep. You should also provide them with plenty of rockwork with cracks and crevices that they can use to hide in too.

The Black Scissortail Dartfish will live happily in either fish-only or reef aquariums.

As with all Gobies and Dartfish need aquariums that have well-fitting lids as they are good jumpers.

Suitable Tank Buddies

You should only keep one Black Scissortail Dartfish per tank unless you have a mated pair. When you keep them in small groups they will often chase each other around the aquarium whilst guarding their territories which can result in injuries or death. These are peaceful fish and rarely aggressive towards other fish.

Usually Compatible

These fish will get along with most fish that are not overly aggressive or likely to eat them. So Anthias, Butterflyfish, Cardinals, Clownfish, Damsels, Tangs, Angelfish and Dragonettes all make good tankmates. You can also keep these Dartfish with Seahorses and Pipefish.

Sometime Compatible

You can usually keep them with other Gobies/Dartfish, but not other Black Scissortail Dartfish. Hogfish, Parrotfish and Wrasses are usually fine, keep an eye on them if you are housing them with Rays and Triggerfish though.

Rarely Compatible

Groupers, Eels, Snappers, Sharks and Lionfish will all look at the Dartfish as a meal and so it won’t last in a tank with any of them.

Feeding Black Scissortail Dartfish

These fish are carnivores and requires a meaty diet, they will accept live foods like mysis and brine shrimp. They will also take frozen foods like chopped fish and shrimp. The best way to feed them if you have moving water in your aquarium is to dispense it upstream so the water current brings the food to the area it inhabits. You should feed your Dartfish twice a day.

Ensure that you do vary their diet and mix in live food as their colours can fade if they have an inadequate diet.

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Scientific Name Nemateleotris Decora
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